Podcast day today while I was on the road. I was listening to artist and educator Nicholas Wilton on his Art2Life show. Often he has guests and they have some interesting discussions. Today, though, it was just Nicholas with some thoughts.

Nicholas was musing about the fact that in art, particularly when we are new to the endeavour, it can be paralysing if you don’t know where you’re headed with a particular work or, I suppose, any aspect of an art career. Procrastination, stagnation, avoidance can result. It is, Wilton believes, all about making choices. He feels that it doesn’t really matter what choice you make, as long as you just make one and keep going.

Both the right choice or the wrong choice will give you feedback about your direction. In a painting you may need to do some remedial work if the choice produces something you don’t like. If you do like the result, that feedback will encourage further exploration. I suppose, in decisions about an overall artistic journey, the feedback will indicate to you whether the choice has assisted in your progress or hindered. In the latter case, you may decide to remedy the situation or take a different path next time there’s an opportunity to decide. Alternatively, if all seems to be working, we forge on.

Indecision, a lack of making a choice, can stop us in our tracks. So grab a colour, a brush, and do something. The result and your assessment of that will guide your next step.

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One thought on “Choices

  1. This post reminded me of one of my favorite TED talks “How to be a looser” by Rich Franklin :
    the point being NOT to hesitate: I’ve been thinking on how this relates to our observance of nature in action, and can’t help but think that the bush plants are in the know regards this.

    no wait, no hesitate

    have you seen a flowering wattle,
    the soft, puffy yellow blossoms painting the whole bush, pollinating full throttle? :

    : or have you read the Illyarrie, that is to say the red cap gum ?
    each bursting flower doffing it’s brilliant cap, right off, at everyone?


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