The evening

I don’t recall ever writing my blog at a time other than in the first hours of the day. As a definite ‘morning person’ I do tend to get most things done before I start to flag mid-arvo. I guess we all have a best time. I have even heard some people function optimally at night! Fancy that!

Yet, here I am having a bite of dinner in the Lord Melbourne Hotel in North Adelaide and venturing into the new realm of evening creativity!

I sometimes wonder whether a claim to be a morning, afternoon or otherwise person is just a way to let oneself off being ‘on the go’ for the whole day. I think that’s actually rather sensible.

I’m a big believer in down time. In this crazy day and age, being ‘on the go’ seems too highly prized and time where not much measurable is achieved is considered a lesser way to while away moments in life.

If us morning people can start slowing down around four, and those miraculous afternoon/evening people can warm up gradually, so much the better. As long as everyone gets a bit of stillness or slowness in their day, I’m happy.

And that, of course, is the MAIN THING. Hahaha!

Until next time,


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