Technology is science and, as I was reminded yesterday, at its most basic level it is still built on the arrangements and interactions of ones and zeros. That is not something I understand – the coding, the creation of the smooth and intuitive daily relationship we have with our devices. But I do understand the human element of these incredible modern day developments.

Because of the technology that envelopes us, we are connected in ways we would never otherwise be. I was inspired to think about this by a posted comment and quick text conversation with an old friend. We have known each other for fifty years but, for much of that time, were not in contact. Now, thanks to blogs, phones, emails and the like, we are in touch again. It’s a small miracle when you think about it.

I know there are times when elements of technology are used in terrible ways. We hear of bullying, of hacking, of fraud and theft and scamming. I choose to believe, though, that there is much more good will in the world, and across a much larger area, than there might have been before. I certainly think there is a lot more laughter—humerous texts, entertaining memes and hysterical videos being shared around the globe.

Perhaps, I’m naïve. I certainly can’t claim to spend much time surfing and scrolling but I do garner joy from the casual messages of loved ones, from images of art I’d never see otherwise, and the spread of (carefully assessed but) often useful information.

Yes, technology is a science but any cold and disinterested elements have been softened by human needs and desires. We do look for connection and technology provides us with so many options of how to pursue that.

So thanks for reading. I am thankful that we can cross paths this way.

Until next time we talk,


One thought on “Technology

  1. i’m just here in the 29th of November, staring at tomorrow, your post on the 30th, in awe
    because here its still yesterday and clearly the world’s amazing me with more
    than i can know how to instantly take in and i confess
    i’m going to sleep on this, in gratitude that i’m in a state of bless, not quite fathoming the enormity of it all, this technology of instantaneous & its mind boggling, balmy, endearing hugeness


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