Once a habit gets lost, it’s often easier not to start again than to rev up something that is a challenge, even though we know it’s a valuable pursuit.

The gym is an example. Finding a way to fit that back in to mornings (and yes, for me it simply HAS to be morning – before I can decide not to go!) is proving tricky so it’s yet to happen. Even reading, in theory such a large part of my life, has dropped by the wayside. I know it will just take a conscious effort for a while and the habit will come back but knowing and doing are different things.

And my blog – well, you can see by the dates (September 22 was the last) it’s been a long time between drinks for something that once happened more or less weekly! It’s too good for my thinking and reflection, though, to let it disappear so I’m starting again and asking you all to keep me accountable!

I’m not crazy enough to set any sort of strict and punitive demand for myself other than making writing a regular part of my creative life once again. It complements and contributes to my art practice and encourages me to read (bonus!) and listen more widely. All that is good stuff.

So, simply knowing that there are a few of you out there reading will spur me on to the positive reinstatement of one of my joys.

Thank you, in anticipation!

Until later (and again soon after that!),


2 thoughts on “Habits

  1. habit vacations

    habits deserve days off, leave time, holidays and sabbaticals too,
    though in our culture, we’re not taught this, in fact were taught to eschew
    the very regularity of missing a habit; because we lack experience for self permission,
    to regularly, at good intervals, skip, take a break & there by put perfectionism’s peril in remission :

    : a habit, not fed the feedback of periodic interruptions, in healthy doses, can feed
    and fester thoughts and machinations, that take hold and have a greed
    to dominate the mind and suck away the air, the actual creativity,
    instead of fostering & nourishing it, as though our best proclivitty


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