The weekend that started early

A different place this morning: different people, different coffee, different seat, different music in the not-so background. My usual haunt is closed for the sudden public holiday, and fair enough. I know how hard they work. A day off will do them all good.

I loved the Queen. I guess that, technically, makes me a royalist but I resist the slapping on of labels. I do think Elizabeth, as a person and a leader, transcends those arguments, though.

I also love the footy and there’s a public holiday in Victoria for that, too. Not so sure about its importance on a national scale ….. but, why not? If it gives people some pleasure, and all. And tourism will benefit. Yesterday, I was in the beach town of Robe, South Australia, and it was already filling up.

I also love the rugby and the second leg of the Bledisloe Cup, being played in New Zealand, overlaps with the AFL Grand Final. Haha! Do they not understand?? My tension will be enormous.

There seems to be lots going on—a busy time. But there is, after all, a place to find a coffee, and write a little bit. Life is good.

Until later,


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