A long way off

I have spent the morning on line, in a virtual queue, trying to get hold of some concert tickets. I was unsuccessful, but that’s OK. What did come out of it was a lot of thought about the future.

You see, the tickets were for an event to be held in August next year. This early booking isn’t unusual, I guess, as tours are definitely planned a long way in advance, and people subscribing to any concert series are accustomed to throwing their hat in the ring a considerable time ahead.

While tapping my fingers on the table in time with the circling ‘rest-assured-we-haven’t-forgotten-you’ dial, I was thinking about August, 2023. What will I be doing? What will we all be doing? Where will we be doing it and why? Time, of course, seems to pass so quickly, but early spring next year does seem a long way off.

I choose to have a positive spin on what might be happening in a year. For some people and some situations, the future may not be a thing to look forward to and I send all best thoughts to them. I am fortunate enough to be able to look with hope, a whack of enthusiasm and a exciting dose of intrigue at what might be going on in 12 months time.

Of course, there’s this afternoon to negotiate first, and the boring jobs I’ve managed to postpone until now, but I’m sure I’ll keep thinking and wondering about the ‘me’ with another year added in a world with another year added and what that will all be like. Who knows?!

Until later,


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