Saved on the road from Mount Gambier

I must confess it has crossed my mind that perhaps it was time to gracefully wrap up this blog, recognising that it has been a great thing for me but that maybe its time was over. It seemed I had much less to say, to muse about. I didn’t really want to shut it down as I love having it, but neither did I want to ramble on about nothing month after month.

On my last big car drive, however, listening to podcasts (so often an impetus), I became inspired again. Suddenly, I had thoughts – about art, about life – thoughts that now need to be explored. There were words and concepts running through a head which had been quite empty of late. Such a good feeling. There’s a little bit of life in the old grey cells yet.

And so this blog, my blog that I am fortunate enough to share with you, is saved (that sounds very dramatic; I don’t think, in reality, it was in terrible danger). There are ideas out there that trigger thoughts in us. Sometimes those ideas float around in abundance, sometimes they are more elusive but they still exist. We might just have to work, or listen or read or watch or write, a bit harder or more often to find them.

Until later (a definite and enthusiastic later),


2 thoughts on “Saved on the road from Mount Gambier

  1. home of the eagle hawks

    … i was browsing for a good watch, a good listen, a good something, in a sort of dissatisfied, can’t quite find it state,

    i was niggled by that same kind of feeling like opening the fridge to find something to eat and staring into it to see nothing at all that hits the spot,

    and i’ve been thinking a lot about the size of things, and of shrinking more and more of late,

    and about what is life and living, and what is absolutely really not :

    : so Mount Gambier’s a town and moreover a volcanic mountain and peak

    and for the longer time it was called quite a different name by local’s speak,

    they say it was named for 30 000 years or more by the Bungandidj people as “home of the eagle hawk”

    a name that encapsulates the big and small, and all that feels just right, beyond all go, all talk ~

    …i was up in the middle of the night typing, pondering these shrinking things and stuff

    and accidentally opened my email, when I was clicking out & turning off, as i had had enough

    and there was this heading “saved on the road from Mt Gambier” in my in box, just popped in

    and the ‘hits the spot feeling’ hit and I clicked in for the win

    and yes, yes, there in the lines, of this fateful entry, it said so much,

    and most particularly, most especially that one must struggle at this stuff, this keep in touch

    with the words, and the art, and engaging with it at all,

    and remembering that there’s always later, and the next time, when the “hit the spot”, feels more like hit the wall;

    at which time it’s best to eagle hawk the way, fast wings powerfully on course to home

    to regroup, to venture out again, and reignite life from the ash, the aftermath, and all the solid volcanic stone.


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