Since I’ve been painting abstractly, I have been trying to find ways to explain what I do in my own mind so, ultimately, I can explain it to others.

When I put brush, or whichever tool, to canvas, I am trying to capture my essence at that moment. It’s like finding a way to capture a fleeting experience in visual form.

Listening to a podcast by artist and teacher, Nicholas Wilton, I heard him speaking to professional photographer and surfing tragic, Jonah Allen, who was able to put a new and lovely spin on the theme.

While speaking of waves, not just his favourite recreation but also his artistic subject matter, Jonah described them as the expression of energy with water as the medium.

This struck home with me. That’s what I am trying to do. I have energy, or the moment has energy, and the paint is the medium with which that energy is expressed. The paintings may not ‘look like anything’, or may be ‘messy’, but they are a wave – a transfer of energy from one place to another.

Let’s ride them!

Until later,


2 thoughts on “Waves

  1. oh YES !

    this may well be my favorite post ever – it’s all about the wave & energy transfer, cuz that’s really all we are, sometimes catching it, sometimes just riding the swell up and down, sometimes in process of dragged under by a dumper, sometimes body surfing and sometimes with an object assist such as a surfboard for water, hangglider for air, or mountain to elucidate our waves up entangled with earth’s energy and gravity:

    : oh and the rides, how are these waves perfect to confusing, exhilarating to mysterious, jet fast or liltingly slow? All that and more I don’t know


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