What’s necessary?

The barista in my adopted café has had her eyelashes done. They are luscious, long and black. On her, they look amazing and the wonderful thing is that, even with a mask, we can still see, enjoy and compliment.

This is not the time for lipstick-wearers to experiment with a new shade. Eyes are the current fad – they are responsible for expressing our all. Luckily they are, as the saying would have it, ‘windows to the soul’ and, therefore, quite up to the task of communicating. Certainly mouths, noses, cheeks and chins are of assistance but, in these times when they are out of the equation, we are managing very well. The bright eyes of smiling table service are eminently readable, warm and engaging.

And not just because of the eyelashes.

Until later,


2 thoughts on “What’s necessary?

  1. Hi Kirsten, 

    Funnily enough, I was talking to Hans about you today, just wondering how you’re getting along in Port Adelaide.    

    We were in Mt Gambier, passing the time while the car was in for a service.   So, I had gone to a bit of effort, make-up wise.    Unusually for me, I had put on quite noticeable eye liner, eye shadow and mascara all to counter the effects of a mask.    But all it did was make my eyes run so that I ended up looking like Alice Cooper.  

    Hans said to pass on his congratulations about your residency too!

    Cheers,  Terri


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