I am having a morning coffee to gather my thoughts

and then I thought

what a gorgeous phrase:

‘gather my thoughts’

as if they had fluttered a short distance away

or were growing around my legs like wildflowers.

I will gather my thoughts in an imaginary basket where they will mingle in a mess

until I can order them.

Go gathering.


4 thoughts on “Gathering

  1. Oh hooray, the poetry is making a comeback!
    Something about the notion of gathering thoughts leads to ‘gathering rosebuds while ye May’. I like the analogy, a basket full of half-formed, immature beginnings that are already beautiful but are still to come into their full glory. And some of them might end up collected into a considered, skilled arrangement while others might be discarded, and that’s ok.


  2. and in motion, and betwixt the gather

    is a finding simple delight in the lather

    of bubbles of space,

    full of equally empowering and gorgeous grace

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