The forecast for many days past has been rain and that theme persists until the end of the week. Strangely for this part of the world, though, the sun has broken through and, although the cold descends at around four, it has been surprisingly pleasant outside.

As a result, I have not been able to avoid the gardening—a long list of tasks that has built up over a considerable time. Of course, none of the jobs has been as taxing as imagined and the satisfaction (oh! the satisfaction) of looking back and seeing what has been done is enormous. Pruning, spraying, mulching and raking have given the garden that tended, loved appearance.

There’s always that thought, whether it’s after gardening or indoor getting-ducks-in-a-row things: ‘why didn’t I do this earlier?’ The towels no longer tumble out of the linen cupboard, you can find a shirt to wear that you actually like, the path to the front door is clear or the to-do list is shrinking. All these things make the daily grind less abrasive.

So there’s a push and pull, it seems, between the effort involved in doing those bigger jobs and the hassle they save down the track. Is the ideal a perfect balance—a par, in golfing terms? Work on big jobs equals effort saved? Or is the larger work involved to make life easier less onerous than the angst? Or, is it easier to add up all the daily annoyances and, hopefully come in under, effort- wise, the toil of getting the big stuff out of the way?

Such musing, and I expect I should have been home knocking off a few more pressing tasks, large or small, rather than thinking about it! Haha!

Until next time,


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