Filling in time

Recently, I was up during the night. This is a practice that occurs somewhere between ‘occasionally’ and ‘not irregularly’. I don’t mind it at all and I find it preferable to lying in bed awake. In very rare instances, I turn on the telly – usually to see if there is sport (I love Wimbledon time!) or this weird and intriguing art auction show I stumbled over once (never seen it again!)

The other night I did go on a search for the art show, an unsuccessful pursuit, but I did find, much to my surprise, Skippy!! It was a blast from the past that nearly knocked me backwards on the couch. The colours were washed out, the clarity of the picture what you’d expect and, had I had the inclination to watch it, I’m sure I would have found the storyline familiar.

The television station is obviously filling in time at that hour of the night and Skippy is apparently their go-to. It made me think about what I choose to do to fill in time. The answer is not always something to be proud of, I found.

As an (overly) organised person, someone who is chronically early, and someone whose husband works late, I find there is quite a bit of time to fill in across the day. There’s painting work, of course, and the usual jobs to keep the place running but, outside those things …. um ….. crosswords from the Age, maybe interacting with music and, as it turns out, a LOT of clock watching! I certainly don’t feel the need to ‘fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run’ as the overly idealistic Rudyard Kipling advocated (I am a big supporter of down time), but there could be a little more ‘fiddling around’ rather than ‘sitting around’! I feel a resolute moment coming on!

Maybe I should buy a box-set of Skippy.

Until next time,


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