Coming back

It’s funny how things happen.

My blog has been on my mind. As each week has passed I have been aware it was becoming longer and longer between drinks, or words, or even thoughts. Possibly the last of those is why I’ve been off air. A long time between thoughts.

Maybe that’s because I’ve been busy and done less ruminating. Probably a good thing, but I do like to spend time thinking. I also like to be busy, so somewhere there’s a balance.

Anyway, yesterday two things happened. Firstly, a dear reader said she missed the blog. Very kind and heart-warming. Secondly, I received an email from my blog host telling me that they would now be charging GST on top of my subscription (not so heart-warming). It is the receipt of the email (not the content) plus my reader’s message that have bumped me in to action. Two prompts on the one day after nothing for months. Ha! What are the chances?

I’m preparing for exhibitions – the painting, the transport, the publicity, the writing, the wrapping, the photography and, most of all, the girding of the loins. The fear, and it is that strong, that my work may be completely out of step with what speaks to people underlies so much at this pointy end of the process. Of course, it’s too late to change anything, and I actually love the frisson of the static performance that is a show, but I don’t want to be embarrassed. Who does?

So, in order to lessen the intensity, my plan is to get back to having a range of irons in the fire, offsetting the all-eggs-in-one-basket trap. This blog is an important part of that so, for better or worse, I’m here again.

So, until later, but not too much later,


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