Lost week

I’ve shortened my usual Christmas holiday sojourn to come home and do some painting. It may turn out to be unnecessary in the long run but, as part of the stress management for the four exhibitions this year, I think it’s a good idea.

It’s not new to talk about this strange seven days – that time between Christmas and New Year – as a lost week. Someone described it to me recently as a time when not much is expected of us. It’s certainly easy to swim in the days, lose track of the dates and the names, and waft around in a most delightful manner. Usually, I spend it drifting – reading, napping, watching cricket. It will be strange to actually try to achieve something.

I remember encountering some business guru who felt the lost week was a great chance to get a head start into the new year. She felt it should not be wasted but, rather, be used to reflect, evaluate, plan and prepare to turn the first page of the new calendar with the right attitude well established. That sounds like a northern hemisphere thing – I, in Australia, seem to be far too summery and soporific to be so directed and so demanding of self. And yet, here I am, eschewing the sun on the deck and entering the studio.

The cricket is still on, though, and there will still be free periods while paint is drying. I’ll enjoy my lost week despite choosing to work. It seems to deserve as much. It is a precious and unique time.

Enjoy your own lost week and best wishes for 2023,


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