I am a person of routine, particularly in the morning. I’m not sure that’s a good thing but the ubiquitous ‘they’ may say ‘it is what it is’. (I actually find that expression annoying but perhaps it has its uses.)

My painting practice also has its routines, among natural ebb and flow. I think all workplaces are the same. Due to absences from home, however (all of them delightful, might I add) the routine has fallen away somewhat.

Like many things, getting started is the hardest and I am finding that procrastination is having a much more rampant and joyful time than painting. Amazing what I’ve achieved this week instead of work!

I’m well prepared for my 2022 commitments so it’s not a great tragedy, but painting is, after all, what I love to do and a lack of productivity is annoying. It’s totally under my control, after all, so one might describe it as self-inflicted.

On Sunday I head away for three weeks. That will also be marvellous but will have a further impact on the art routine. My task now is to do what I can while away and then embrace the differences. It’s all about the thinking.

Until later,


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