Point of view

Initially, I wasn’t a fan of drones in the hands of the everyday person. The new invention seemed to open up a world of privacy problems which concerned me. I don’t want someone flying over and filming when I’m reading outside. I’m sure the celebrity set have a strong dislike of them.

As the technology has developed and been picked up by a range of organisations, the uses for drones has grown exponentially. The vast majority of these uses are, of course, fabulous and sometimes life-saving—from bomb disposal to food drops.

Drones, I now realise, also allow us the luxury of seeing things from a new perspective. We can view landscapes from above, drones can follow cyclists through magnificent settings, we can get up close and personal with volcanoes, we can fly with the birds. And new perspectives, new points of view, can only be enriching and expanding.

And that, I hope, is also what art can achieve—the suggesting of a new perspective or point of view on a situation, place, issue, opinion, emotion, beauty, technique. Of course, viewers will see and react differently but, hopefully, there will be some new thinking or novel ways of looking at the world driven by interacting with art. It doesn’t matter if each reaction is different. All that matters is that there is a step forward, or even a sideways shimmy.

As I go home to paint, I will need to be aware of the way in which my perspective is new and how I want to convey that. It’s a challenge but it’s a challenge worth tackling.

Until later,


2 thoughts on “Point of view

  1. Kirsten, so very thought provoking ~ i too had the same initial reaction before a rethink and expasion of perspective.

    so ON !

    drone on,
    or is it “drone, ON!”
    … methinks the second because it’s us who drone on about,
    or tout
    the amazing new perspective ~
    and how invective
    it can be,
    not to be set free
    to see
    something or things completely
    because of a new angle,
    allowing the untangle
    of preconceived ideas:

    : i say three cheers
    for the point of view
    that in invading privacy, art too,
    has its own ethical boundaries to define
    and devine;
    art arises from an infinity of creative options
    just as drone flight can take an infinity of pathway adoptions,
    and so perhaps the robotic drone
    simply gives physicality to the issues we need to hone,
    and if our first response is more to flinch,
    then we must learn that to un~squinch
    our preconceived ideas, from tightly tangled emotions,
    it may take true artful unmangling of old notions

    June 15th 2022


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