Output and input

When I came to write today, I had to face the awful truth that I didn’t really have anything to say.

One might see this as an output problem – no ideas, no grand thoughts, no insights. I actually think it’s an input problem.

After a period of not much reading, of saving articles and interesting bits on the computer but not going back to digest the information, and a generally intellectually lazy time, I haven’t exposed myself to anything new. I’ve ground to a bit of a halt, mentally, and now it’s showing!

So it seems my task is to keep this post brief, find something bright and shiny to read and actually be inspired to think.

Until later,


One thought on “Output and input

  1. i’m in awe: the magic of your input output does NOT seem a problem, but a miraculous skill or blessing or gift,
    enjoy the lull
    it no doubt will give your mind the needed time to cull
    and return, with ne’er a rift
    just the firmer tension of the mesh
    woven in refresh
    from your loom
    with renewed room


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