Taking a break

We’ve had a break. We’ve had a rest, taken a spell, stepped away. We’ve not done the things we normally do and, instead, done different stuff. We’ve packed up and headed away. We’ve also spent time at home but out of the usual routine. We’ve had a recess, experienced a hiatus, had a change of scenery and lived a life of different expectations.

A break. It can be a short cup of tea during a study session or a six-month haul of long-service leave. It can consist of sleep or travel or talk. It might mean eating different food or catching up in the garden. A break may be a physical relocation or a mental reduction of demand. A break may involve exercise, no exercise, hobbies, pleasurable pastimes or simply an alteration of activities. You can take a break from something and do nothing. You can also take a break from nothing and do something. You can take a break from work, from laundry, from stress and from boredom.

A break needs to end, I suppose. Otherwise, it becomes a change (which some say is as good as a holiday but that is yet to be quantified). We come back with different ways of looking and seeing. We may be energised and revitalised. We may have new perspective. We may have found clarity around decisions. We may feel restored (or we may feel exhausted from our unaccustomed activities). We may have fresh eyes, a new approach, bolstered enthusiasm or greater resilience.

It seems that taking a break is a powerful pursuit. Whether it is a short break during an hour or a day, or a longer recess during a year or two, a break seems to be essential for keeping us focussed and enjoying what we do.

But, you know, it’s now time for coffee.

Until later,

One thought on “Taking a break

  1. Yes, coffee!

    I sure have been taking a break
    from much e-connection and the world of continual mistake:
    for me it’s been tough over here
    to feel the sear
    of the daily grind
    of getting further and further away and behind
    the my small net of people with whom I had kept up some kind
    of thread of connect,
    and yet,
    somewhere in the break space
    there’s a snippet of freedom and pace
    that feels ok
    and has the sway
    to self allow
    a break, for a break’s sake, just now:

    : so yes, I’ll have some coffee too
    and drink a cheers to the everyday thoughts of an artist, who
    values both a break and a change
    with and without question, and even ones of variable range ~
    that, that’s a person who’s art
    is the start
    of fresh
    and refresh,
    mesh and weave
    with air holes to breathe,
    to relieve;
    to relieve by the art of the very touch and feel of the fabric,
    which with softness encompasses, as cambric ~
    returning to reality
    and vitality

    K, I am always uplifted and LOVE YOUR WRITING: you’re a fearless power, a candle in the void, the dawn after darkness and the cozy glow of warming! Always, thanks for sharing your amazing art, especially of self, ❤ T


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