Songs and things

It’s a bit of a trap, this reluctance I have to halt a song in its middle. I have to wait until the track has finished before I hit the stop button. While I’m painting it’s not a problem but if I want to read or write I need silence. If I miss the end of a song, and that sweet spot before the next one begins, I am trapped into listening on. This can, sometimes, go on for a while, delaying my other tasks. Of course I have the power and the ability to override my tendency if necessary but I do find it hard.

I think it comes from a funny form of respect. Someone has crafted this song and to cut it off part way through is somehow disregarding their effort. Similarly, I also tend to buy songs in albums to get the full context and I don’t ever shuffle. The order of the songs was decided upon after long deliberation. Who am I to rearrange?

Does a similar thought process, weird though it is, apply to the visual arts too? Certainly the default setting of Instagram that crops your images to squares is something I make a point of bypassing. I want the whole painting pictured. The arrangement of works in an exhibition, the curating, does not happen by accident. It is a carefully orchestrated experience. You don’t judge the finished-ness of a painting by one section. The whole thing needs to be complete and satisfying. Books and shows devoted to one artist are more deeply moving for me than those containing just one or two works of many. You can immerse yourself much more readily in the former.

That’s all just me, though and I do recognise it’s a bit strange, particularly the song thing. Although, I think we all have a ‘thing’. What’s yours?

Until later,


4 thoughts on “Songs and things

  1. Hi Kirsten, 

    Now that I think about it, my particular thing is quite strange.    My husband and work colleagues (even Trish the cleaner)  are bemused.   I leave a glass of cordial or a cup of tea unfinished.  

    Throughout the day at home I like to have a drink about so that I can have sips now and then, especially  when I’m out in the garden.    We have a set of coloured plastic cups and my husband, Hans, is forever finding one with about a third of the cordial left in it,somewhere in the house, the shed, greenhouse or  verandah. 

      At work, I make a cup of peppermint tea first thing before shift starts.    During the day I just dilute it down with cold water.  Whenever I come back from a job, my floral tea cup is ready.   I keep topping it up, making sure that it is never empty until end of shift.   

    The pragmatic reason is that I am prone to headaches if I become too dehydrated.  Well, that’s what I tell people.   But, really, this is my own secret way of always having something to look forward to.   Even if it is a nice sip of tea or cordial after some hard work (but it has to be Twinings or  Bickfords!)     

    It’s the little things that make me happiest. 

    Cheers,  Terri


  2. Hi Kirsten, Thank you for your thoughts. I love to read them and they often connect with similar thoughts that I am having too. Thinking of you especially today as you celebrate your Birthday. I hope you have had a lovely day, despite this isolation thing. It must be about time for a phone call? Hope you and Sandy are keeping well and I look forward to catching up with you soon. AnneXx

    Regards, Anne Turnbull



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