Uncertain times

These are uncertain times. Strange things are happening in our day to day lives. Sometimes it feels like strange things are happening to the usually civilised nature of the community. The concern over the illness in question is almost less than the concern over potential isolation – preventative measures loom larger than the real deal.

These are confusing times. As an inveterate list-maker, planner and organiser, it is unusual for me not to have a clear picture of how things in the next weeks and months will progress. While that is very unsettling (there are times when it is certainly frustrating), strangely, there is also a tiny sense of liberation, or enforced irresponsibility, in having to make the best decision one can make on any given day and then letting it go.

I feel up in the air. I am sure that could be said for almost everyone. With us all floating a little aimlessly, we lack the grounding that usually keeps us safe, and sensible. We have lost the security of knowing that tomorrow will proceed as expected. Things are changing so quickly it can be hard to adjust. We are dislocated.

Keeping our head is key. I am finding phone, email, text contact with special people, especially across distance, increasingly important. I guess they are the people to whom we turn when we feel uncertain, confused and up in the air. They are the people that keep us who we are. They are the people who reflect us back to ourselves and remind us that we are still as we were before ‘all this’.

I am in the café writing, as is my usual modus operandi. I have been to the post office to check the mail, picked up the dry cleaning and dropped some works at the framer. It is a deliberately normal morning during the most un-normal of times. I am using routine to keep a lid on those feelings that can derail.

Perhaps another coffee would be a good thing.

Until later,


7 thoughts on “Uncertain times

  1. I’m passing you some chocolate coated coffee beans to crunch while I think of an actual comment

    hunker down = breathe & take some space, stay safe xo


      1. Enjoy the sheen of revised, newly precipitated routine …

        flip the lid off all those feelings that can derail

        paint a trail

        paint the sky

        release the empowered feelings that are neigh

        through the water colors that run

        from your brilliance from dark forms to light fun

        when the feelings have no lid

        they can call no, quid pro


        they’re simply free to go:

        and when they go be ready for the space

        of a new place

        where there’s oh so very much more room

        without the gloom

        of being cooped up and confined

        and there’s so, so much fresh and wonderful air

        that there’s space and shade to share

        with the little and big things, that before then,

        went unnoticed by the heart, brush and pen …

        once, long, long, so very far long ago, perhaps you seemed too frail

        and feelings, they could swamp & drown & derail,

        but now, everyday thoughts of an artist, provides

        safe havens for feelings of yours and the glides

        out into the wider universe where, the share of your magic lifts others to stay inspired

        to our better actions, far less mired:

        Kirsten my friend so very far away

        just keep writing and painting, swerve if needed, but keep on because we LOVE your sway!

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