No qualifiers

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed the name of the blog. It’s not a big change but the implications are significant.

I am really just trying it on for size. The change makes me feel uncomfortable but that’s not always a bad thing. I can, of course, simply return to the original if the vague feeling of fear continues but I won’t do that immediately.

I have removed the word ‘aspiring’ from the title. You now read the everyday thoughts of an (unmitigated) artist. I wrote That great finger from the sky in June which dealt with similar issues. At the risk of repeating myself, I write about the topic again.

I decided that I needed to own the descriptor of artist. It was time to step into the actual role instead of watching from a vantage point at the side. From a safe vantage point at the side. That is the implication. By taking on the role fully it is possible to fail. As an aspiring artist I keep with me the knowledge that any failure is of the aspiration and not of the artist, a failure of the trying, not the being. But now I have put it out there, as the phrase goes. I have declared to the world, or to you at least, that artist is what I am. If it doesn’t work out that’s a degree of underachievement which would cause, no doubt, a corresponding degree of disappointment.

I haven’t deliberately set out to put myself under undue, or particularly new, pressure. My personal goal hasn’t changed, neither has the essence of the private way I see myself.  Aspiring just didn’t seem to fit the bill any longer for a public identity. It is time to be brave. It is time to step up.

Until later,

Kirsten (artist)

4 thoughts on “No qualifiers

  1. Absolutely Kirsten, you are certainly an artist of significance….never sell yourself short. You have much to be celebrating. Go Girl.Xx

    Thanks Anne Turnbull



  2. If it looks like an artist, and works like an artist, and produces wonderful, varied, adventurous art, it’s probably…


  3. Exactly!

    Ann hits it on the nose!

    Deb nails it!

    And Kirsten, here’s a funny thing to confide about your half empty / half full hesitation, while you pondered, all last year I kept calling your blog exactly that, when relaying bits and pieces to my artist daughter! Then I’d say, but actually she calls it something else, let me see, it’s a very Kirsten-y, tentative-y, artist-y name …

    This year, it will be so much easier & anyway, I preface your work with “my artist friend, I’ve known since primary school”, which was when I first viewed you as unabashedly creative in all spheres of being, with much love and admiration, particularly for the fact you didn’t flaunt the talent, but just seemed to use it matter of factly to get on with the best of life.

    Hindsight is 2020

    Welcome to world we see you as!

    You see you,
    I see you,
    she sees you,
    he sees you,
    it sees you,
    we see you,
    they see you,

    Love to you artist, for 2020, 2020 vision and beyond,

    your old friend who is smiling very broadly right now,



    1. What a wonderful response! Thank you so much. It’s amazing how those childhood impressions remain so strong, even after over 40 years! I am humbled that that is how you remember the young me. Love, K


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