The other day I was listening to a song, sung by Tim McGraw. The song was about how our lives get busy and we lose touch with things and people that we once thought were the centre of our worlds.  The line that really stuck with me included the words time gets thin.

Time gets thin.

Like air gets thin at altitude, like our inner resources get thin at times of stress, when we are frantically pulled in many directions with many commitments, time gets thin. It is less substantial, less useful and sustains us to a lesser degree than normal.

Conversely, perhaps, when there is not enough to do or when life is particularly challenging, time gets thick. Perhaps, on these occasions, time is difficult to wade through. It may seem to last forever or its weight may make it difficult to breathe.

We always talk about how time passes slowly or quickly depending on the circumstances. I can’t help thinking now, having heard the song, about how viscous or not the time around me is. Will it evaporate to nothing like methylated spirits or hang heavily like a gel?

So, here’s hoping that your time today has an excellent, middle-ground consistency!

Until later,

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