Be Bold. Don’t Apologise.

NOT as a life mantra for me, perhaps.

Be Bold. Don’t Apologise.

But as an art mantra …. it struck me today, that maybe I can do that or, at least, aspire to it.

There is too much being sorry; not enough boldness, courage or conviction, behind what I do. Maybe that comes across, maybe it doesn’t. But it’s there.

Saw Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series today at the Geelong Art Gallery. So much boldness. So much colour and strength. And no apology.

So, let’s see what happens.


Just for the record, it took me a long time to work up the bravery to actually post this!!! Hahaha!!

2 thoughts on “Be Bold. Don’t Apologise.

  1. If an apology implies an asking for forgiveness, of someone or thing, then when the asking to forgive is actually of self, then I think this “be bold” thing applies across the board – because what are we all waiting for, when we already know there is both a listener and conversationalist at the ready! Bold is having the talk, walking the walk, and doing the actions of any remorse, not peeking out at it, from the sedentary snug spot of apology, under warm covers.

    Oh, I’m in envy of you viewing the Ned Kelly series. Must be because we were Neddies kids! Ha, ha, back!


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